Namo Sanctuary's education program is a transformative journey that combines ancient wisdom with modern knowledge, inviting you to expand your horizons, enhance your well-being, and cultivate mindfulness in a sanctuary of exploration and discovery. Step into a realm of endless possibilities where enlightenment and personal empowerment converge, and let Namo Sanctuary guide you on a path of profound self-discovery.


  • Sound Certification for Kids: Module Two

    4/21 | 11am - 1pm
    Guided by: Cynthia Zak

    Discover Sound Certification for Kids, a hands-on workshop for children 8 and up led by renowned healer Cynthia Zak. In this two-hour session, explore crystal bowls, gongs, and more as part of a tailored certification course. It's a perfect introduction to the art of sound healing, packed with joyful learning and vibrant discovery.

  • Class Packages

    Unlock wellness flexibility with our class packages, offering a seamless way to explore our diverse classes. After purchase, you'll receive a personalized code for easy online booking, opening doors to growth and exploration in your wellness journey.

  • Planetary Sound Immersion

    Mondays | 7pm - 8:30pm
    Guided by: Bea & Noelia

    Experience the transformative power of our planetary sound experiences. This session utilizes the resonant frequencies of Grotta Sonora gongs to align with celestial energies, promoting relaxation and personal alignment with the cosmos.

  • Sound Sanctuary

    3 Weekly Options | 11:11am - 12:12pm
    Guided by Friends of NAMO

    Sound Sanctuary guided by a host of amazing sound healers utilizes instruments like Gongs and Tibetan bowls for vibrational healing, aligning our energy with the universe’s tone for transformative experiences.

  • Gong Prana

    Tuesdays | 9am - 10am
    Guided by: Noelia Madiedo

    Gong Prana blends breathwork and sound healing for a rejuvenating session. Through pranayama and gong sounds, it aims to enhance well-being, offering a unique path to balance and energy alignment.

  • Yoga Nidra + Gongs

    Alternating Wednesdays | 7pm - 8pm
    Guided by: Allegra Pruess

    Experience the serene combination of Yoga Nidra and Gong Healing with Allegra this spring. Delve into deep relaxation through yogic sleep, complemented by the transformative sound waves of gongs. A perfect blend for anyone seeking inner peace and balance..

  • Kundalini Yoga

    Fridays & Sundays | 9am - 10am
    Guided by: Daya Padmani

    Explore Kundalini Yoga in our class, designed to awaken your inner energy through unique exercises, focused breathwork, and meditation. A journey to uplift and transform, enhancing your spiritual and physical health.

  • Art Sanctuary for Kids

    Saturdays | 11:11am - 12:12pm
    Guided by: Guadalupe Reyna

    Dive into creativity with Guadalupe Reyna's art class, specially designed for kids. It's a playful space for self-discovery and imaginative creation, fostering artistic growth and community among young minds.

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About Namo School

Masterclasses, workshops, immersions and trainings for self-development.

NAMO Sanctuary is a transformative space with a mission to foster personal growth and well-being, while tapping into the profound wisdom and understanding that exists within each individual. As a sound and movement school, NAMO Sanctuary empowers its students to become their own teachers and healers. By harnessing the power of sound, considered the primal vibration of the universe, and ancient Yoga techniques like breathing and movement, the sanctuary guides individuals to connect with the universal frequency inherent within them.

Intention & Practice

Our intention is to help others thrive to live in the present moment and free the body, mind and soul with practices intended to develop awareness and increase capacity for insight. Our practices includes physical movement, breathing techniques, the cultivation of positive emotions, thoughts and actions, as well as several approaches to meditation and sound medicine.

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