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NEXT SESSION: 2/25 | 11AM - 1PM


Introducing "Sound Certification for Kids," a pioneering course where children aged 8 and up embark on a sonic adventure under the guidance of Cynthia Zak, a renowned sound healer and teacher.

In this two-hour exploration, your child will delve into the world of high-frequency music, learning to play an array of healing instruments including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, and flutes while experiencing the power of chant and singing.

This hands-on course is the first module of a specially developed certification course tailored for young learners eager to explore or expand their knowledge and experience with sound healing tools. Children are met with the opportunity to connect with the ancient art of sound healing, fostering a sense of harmony, creativity, and discovery.

Join us for a journey filled with joyful learning and vibrant sounds, where your child takes the first steps toward mastering the language of music and healing. Let them discover their unique tune and contribute to a more melodious world.

Course Schedule and Outline:

Session 1: Introduction to Sound Healing (Sunday, January 21)
- Welcome and Course Overview
- The Basics of Sound Healing: What It Is and Why It Matters
- Introduction to the Instruments
- Group Play and Experience Sharing

Session 2: Crystal & Tibetan Bowls Magic (Sunday, February 25)
- Exploring Crystal and Tibetan Bowls: History and Significance
- Techniques to Play and Create Frequencies
- Understanding the Seven Chakras and Bowls' Correspondence
- Hands-on Practice and Group Sharing

Session 3: The Mystical Gongs ( Sunday, March 17)
- The Art and Soul of Playing Gongs
- Understanding Different Sounds and Mallet Usage
- Balancing Intensity and Softness
- Energy Work with Gongs: Personal and Instrumental Harmony
- Group Gong Session and Reflection

Session 4: Drums and Percussion Rhythms ( Sunday, April 21)
- Introduction to Drums and Percussion Instruments
- Techniques: Playing Different Areas of the Drum
- Understanding and Creating Heartbeat Rhythms and Sequences
- Group Drumming Experience

Session 5: Flutes and the Art of Breath ( Sunday, May 19)
- The Sweetness of Flutes: Types and History
- Techniques to Play and Breathe Life into Flutes
- The Connection Between Breath, Flutes, and Emotion
- Group Flute Play and Practice

Session 6: Voice as an Instrument ( Sunday, June 2)
- Exploring the Voice: Our Personal Instrument
- Vocal Warm-ups and Exercises
- Combining Voice with Learned Healing Sounds
- Preparing for the Community Performance

Session 7: Community Performance and Certificate Ceremony (Date TBD)
- Rehearsal and Final Preparation
- Open Class Performance: Inviting the Community
- Certificate of Completion Ceremony

Participation Details:
- Each session is designed to be engaging, educational, and fun, ensuring a warm and supportive environment.
- Students are encouraged to attend all sessions for a comprehensive understanding and to receive a certificate of completion.
- Individual session attendance is welcome; however, the certificate is awarded only to those who complete the entire course. 
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