After embarking on her spiritual path in 2007, Noelia followed the call to Singapore where she was exposed to the gong. Having spent years studying this ancient instrument, Noelia now shares and teaches the modern way of the art of gong playing.

Meet Noelia

With roots in healing, NAMO founder, Noelia Madiedo, embarked on her spiritual journey back in 2007 following her time as a teacher and therapist for children with autism and disabilities. Led by her passion for photography and travel, Noelia followed the call to Asia in 2010. While there, Noelia began to visit Buddhist landmarks in the Himalayas, deepening her connection to yoga and meditation. During this time, Noelia encountered the gong for the first time in Singapore. The unforgettable explosive sensation she felt never left her cellular memory, inspiring her to discover more.
Now, she teaches the modern way of the gong. Utilizing a pairing of handmade gongs and Paiste planetary gongs, Noelia facilitates and teaches what she calls “sound bending”, the future of healing! People from all over the world have joined NAMO’s constellation of Gong-Stars, entering the space to learn and play sacred sound tools. Noelia and NAMO Sanctuary are honored to take up the mantle of spreading the purity of the modern gong movement worldwide.