At NAMO, we value the power of personalized private sessions for learning and personal growth, offering meticulously crafted sessions tailored to your body, lifestyle, and health needs. Our dedicated instructors provide individualized instruction and guidance in yoga, meditation, and holistic healing, creating an environment that fosters self-discovery and transformation.

Sound & Light Experience

Combining the powerful vibrations of sound with the uniquely healing light of the PandoraStar, activate your body’s natural ability to return to resonance and optimize your vibrational frequency for full body harmony. 


PandoraStar Light

Discover the healing possibilities of modern technology under the array of LED lights of the PandoraStar. Through total immersion, a PandoraStar session opens the path to deep, holistic wellbeing.


Yoga Session

Nurture and empower your best self, promoting self-reflection, self-care, and personal growth. These sessions are focused on developing your best self through ancient techniques of breathwork, yoga asanas for strength and flexibility, and meditation for mindfulness and inner peace. Personalized guidance from an experienced instructor helps improve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


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