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4/8 | 7PM - 8:30PM

Join Bea and Noelia for a celestial journey with our Planetary Gong Immersion class. This unique experience invites you into the world of Grotta Sonora planetary gongs, where the cosmic energies of the planets are harmonized with the healing frequencies of sound.

The Weekly Journey: Designed as a sanctuary at the start of each week, this class offers not just relaxation, but a space for renewal and focus on personal growth. Through the resonant power of planetary gongs, immerse yourself in a sound bath that aligns your energy, fosters deep healing, and encourages reflection on your journey.

Working With the Eclipse: Experience a unique sound healing session during the solar eclipse in Aries, focusing on personal transformation and renewal. Utilizing the powerful Grotta Sonora planetary gongs and the PandoraStar light, this session aims to align your energy with the cosmic shift.

Ideal for setting intentions and initiating new beginnings, this week's session offers a space to deeply connect with the eclipse's energy through sound and light, promoting meditation and inner healing. Join us to navigate this eclipse with intention and clarity.

Benefits and Intentions: This class aims to:

- Provide a grounding experience to start your week refreshed.-

- Align your personal energy with the healing frequencies of the cosmos.

- Promote self-discovery and areas for growth through the power of sound.

Join us for an evening of sound healing and cosmic connection. Embrace the opportunity to reset and renew, setting the tone for a week filled with growth and balance.

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