Experience a sanctuary of transformation and holistic well-being at NAMO Sanctuary's events, where captivating experiences and nourishing workshops merge seamlessly to create a haven for personal growth and self-discovery. Discover a curated lineup of immersive events at NAMO Sanctuary, where expert-led workshops and soul-enriching activities combine to ignite your journey towards inner harmony and elevate your well-being.

  • New Moon: Working With Planets & Womb

    Guided by: Evelyn Posada & Noelia Madiedo
    4/9 | 7PM - 9PM

    Dive into a night of intention with Earth's grounding and Aries' boldness. Sound healing and movement practices will align energies for personal growth and renewal. A journey to connect deeply with celestial and terrestrial forces, embracing cosmic alignment and self-empowerment.

  • Introduction to Sacred Sound + Gongs

    Guided by: Noelia Madiedo
    4/13 | 9AM - 12PM

    Dive into sound healing's history, its theoretical foundations, and the profound wisdom of the gong. Gain hands-on experience with gongs and other instruments, learning to craft healing soundscapes. Ideal for those looking to deepen their practice.

  • Gong Warrior Striking

    Guided by: Noelia Madiedo
    4/20 | 9AM - 12PM

    Join our dynamic workshop blending physical empowerment through a Warrior Workout with the spiritual art of gong playing. Discover the power of gong strokes and techniques to deepen your connection to this ancient instrument

  • Full Moon Gong Circle

    Guided by: Noelia Madiedo
    4/23 | 7PM - 9PM

    Join us for the Full Moon as we release, heal, and renew through gong vibrations. Embrace Scorpio's depth for self-discovery and empowerment, shedding the old to welcome new beginnings. A profound journey awaits with the moon’s transformative power.

  • Bodywork & Sensory Play

    Guided by: Evelyn Posada & Vikerrious
    4/25 | 7PM - 9PM

    Embark on an enlightening workshop exploring the fusion of sensory play and healing practices. Experience a blend of education, pleasure, and healing, unlocking new dimensions of intimacy.

  • Our Workshops Have Moved!

    As we become more intentional with our offerings, it became apparent that the way we communicate must shift with us. That said, please find all educational opportunities and workshops on our Education page. There is much upcoming - find even more gatherings there!

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