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NAMO Sanctuary

Soundbenders: Family Edition

Soundbenders: Family Edition

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11/19 | 11:11am - 12:12pm
Guided by Cynthia Zak
Gather your loved ones and join us for a heartwarming finale to our Soundbenders series: "Gratitude Gongs Family Edition." In this special class, led with warmth and expertise by Cynthia, families of all ages are warmly invited to come together in a celebration of sound and gratitude.

As we weave through the harmonious melodies of the gongs, each note will invite you and your family to connect with the deep vibrations of thankfulness. Delight in the discovery of gong scales, voice activation, and the joyful synchronicity of rhythm and movement. This session is a gentle exploration, welcoming for both newcomers and seasoned sound enthusiasts.

"Gratitude Gongs" is more than a class; it's a memorable experience where the language of sound speaks to our hearts, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation within your family. In this space, we'll create a tapestry of sound that resonates with the warmth of gratitude, leaving you and your loved ones feeling uplifted and connected.

Join us for this nurturing journey into sound, where gratitude rings through every chime and every motion. Reserve your space now and embrace the end of the year with a soulful, family bonding experience.
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