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Guided by: Liza Fowell
SATURDAYS | 11:11AM - 12:12PM

Join us for Shakti Dance, a transformative dance experience guided by the seasoned dancer Liza Fowell. This class dives into Shakti Dance, which combines yoga and dance to activate and harmonize the body’s vital energy, known as Shakti. Through dynamic, flowing movements, this dance form enhances fluidity in the body while aligning and balancing the chakras.

What is Shakti Dance?
Shakti Dance is known as the dance of the soul. It incorporates rhythmic breathing, flowing postures, and free expressive dances to awaken your body's inherent energy. The practice concludes with relaxation and meditative mantras, grounding the energy and integrating the physical with the spiritual.

What to Expect:
- A combination of stretches and expressive dance movements.
- Techniques to cleanse the womb and realign energy centers.
- An opportunity to discover deep self-love and internal power.

Who Would Benefit?
This class is ideal for anyone looking to deepen their connection with their body and explore new dimensions of self-expression and healing. Whether you are new to dance or an experienced dancer, Shakti Class offers a unique way to enhance your physical flexibility, emotional release, and spiritual growth.

Benefits of Shakti Dance:
- Enhances body awareness and agility.
- Promotes emotional cleansing and stress relief.
- Supports hormonal balance and energizes the entire system.
- Fosters a deepened sense of peace and well-being.

About Liza Fowell:
With over two decades of dance experience, Liza has cultivated profound self-love and a vibrant connection to her inner essence. She brings a passionate approach to teaching, aiming to empower others to discover their healing capabilities and embrace self-love through the art of dance. Liza’s classes are a space of liberation and joy, inviting all participants to unlock the powerful, nurturing force within.

Join Liza at NAMO Sanctuary to embrace the divine dance of Shakti and transform your connection to your inner self. 

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