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Namo Sanctuary

Group Private Sound + Light Experience with Pandora

Group Private Sound + Light Experience with Pandora

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Experience a transcendent fusion of sound healing and PandoraStar light therapy, guiding you to profound depths of relaxation and inner harmony.

Guided by Noelia Madiedo



In this session you will have a healing experience through vibration of sounds + light from Pandora Star. A gong bath is a form of sound healing meditation. It is referred to as a bath due to participants being immersed in the vibrations of the instruments during a session.

Our body has its own vibrational frequency which is rapidly rebalanced by the vibrations generated during sound healing therapy. Up to 60% of our body consists of water, which is an excellent conductor of sound waves. The ancient cultures sensed this and naturally employed sound healing therapy to “bathe” their physical, mental and intellectual bodies (so called “sheaths” in Sanskrit, meaning different layers of our being) in an ocean of pure and healing vibrations.

The term “bath” is widely used in conjunction with gong sound healing therapy. A Gong Bath helps calm the mind instantly into achieving a state of deep relaxation (Theta), reduces stress all while relieving physical and emotional pain. It purifies the receiver’s emotions, cuts through incessant thoughts and eliminates any existing imbalances, whether emotional or physical. Damage and trauma to the nervous system is released, allowing for regeneration of clear pathways. Gong Baths generate a flow of higher vibrational energy for us to achieve harmony within.


Using a unique inverted triangle array of LED lights that interlock to create a series of hexagrams, PandoraStar stimulates various brain regions by focusing rays of light on the retinas. Through closed eyelids, users experience a “visible” frequency entrainment of kaleidoscopic patterns of colors and psychedelic imagery, which provides an immersive environment for deep level brainwave entrainment.

​​What can PandoraStar be used for?

  • Deep meditation
  • Energy work
  • Relaxation
  • Wellbeing & Stress management
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Depression management
  • Sleep improvement
  • Learning & Cognitive Enhancement Creative visualization
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Personal development
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Remote viewing
  • Shamanic journeying and much more…

Group Session Length: 1 Hour and 50 Minutes

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