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NAMO Sanctuary



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11/11/23 - 11/12/23
7PM - 7AM


Overnight Gong Puja: Embracing the Hagalaz Rune Transformation

Dive deep into a night of sacred resonance and transformative healing with our Overnight Gong Puja, a profound experience inspired by the energies of the Hagalaz rune. The ancient practice of Gong Puja draws upon the principles of Buddhism, where "puja" signifies honor and devotional attention. By immersing ourselves in the continuous, gentle vibrations of the gongs played throughout the night, we create a space to honor our innate capacity for healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Hagalaz, symbolizing chaos, transformation, and the inherent patterns of evolution, seamlessly aligns with the Gong Puja's intent. Much like the unpredictable hail the rune represents, life too brings with it moments of uncertainty. But in the embrace of the gong's harmonious symphony, we find a chance to use these challenges as catalysts for personal growth, finding equilibrium amidst the chaos and witnessing the unfolding of new beginnings.

Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux pioneered the concept of the Overnight Gong Puja in the year 2000, encapsulating the equivalent of ten 45-minute Gong Baths into one night of deep cosmic consciousness. As we rest within this uniquely charged space, the usual bounds of sleep transcend, potentially giving way to vivid, transformative visions led by Theta brainwaves, our subconscious's key to healing past traumas. Every participant's experience is distinct, with some journeying through a tapestry of colors and adventures, while others, exhausted by the weight of daily life, find deep solace in restful slumber.

As the early morning light pierces the horizon, the gongs gradually fall silent. We invite you to rise, refreshed and invigorated, sharing your personal insights and experiences, and culminating this journey with a communal breakfast.

In the wisdom of Yogi Bhajan, "SHUNIYA MEANS ZERO. THE MOMENT YOU BECOME ZERO, THEN ALL POWERS WILL PREVAIL THROUGH YOU.” As we align with the energies of the Hagalaz rune during this Gong Puja, we open ourselves to profound change, evolution, and the magic of becoming. Join us in this timeless voyage of self-discovery and cosmic harmony.

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