Cole Knight: Autumn Specials

Cole Knight: Autumn Specials

10/15 5PM - 11PM
12/3  | 5PM - 11PM
Guided by Cole Knight

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. - Viktor E. Frankl

Join us for a profound ceremony of music, sound, and meditation where space encourages us to slow down. During this 6 hour experience, explore the depths of your inner landscapes. Cole will be guiding a ceremony of sound that involves breathwork, vocal toning, live instruments, journey music and integration.

Dive into the expanse between sound, within the self, and across the many potential decisions that fabricate our lives.

Ready for more Cole Knight in your life?
Join us on November 11th - 12th for Hagalaz : Gong Puja from 7pm - 7am. 

A Gong Puja is honoring & allowing space for our being’s ability to heal – physically, emotionally & spiritually. It is the truest form of honoring thyself!  The gongs are played gently throughout the night into early morning while guests sleep bathed in their healing vibrations.
In the early morning, the Gongs will go silent and the Puja will end. Rising in your own time after sunrise, you will have the opportunity to freshen up in preparation for breakfast before returning to the Puja space where the group will review any experiences they wish to share before departure.
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