NAMO Sanctuary (former NAMO Gallery) was created in 2016 as a refuge to continue and deepen the search for greater meaning and wellbeing in our lives, and to connect with the profound inner knowledge and understanding that is available to us all. We provide many activities intended to develop awareness and increased capacity for insight.

Thus, in the broadest sense, the science of breath, the cultivation of emotions thoughts and actions, as well as several approaches to meditation. We like to work with practices that connect us with the healer within and guidance to achieve effective results on doing the work. We encourage students to be their own healers.

Our practice

  • BODY

    Yoga & Mobility practices help to strengthen and lengthen the muscles, increasing flexibility and improving balance and posture. It can also contribute to improving circulation and digestion, and reducing stress and tension. But mostly, it helps to quiet the mind, encouraging a sense of inner peace, clarity and wellbeing.

  • SOUL

    The ancient tools we practice and provide have helped millions of people move, release, balance and uplift energy and develop well-being for thousands of years. When we release tension in the mind and body, we allow energy to flow more freely throughout the body. This can lead to a feeling of greater alignment, peace, and happiness.

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Meet our founder

Noelia Madiedo serves as a sound and meditation guide bringing the teachings of the Orient to a unique oasis in the heart of Wynwood to find refuge within yourself, in your sanctuary. She created this unique space to practice and share the techniques she has been using for years to explore her full potential and manifest her reality.


Our Offerings

Classes, workshops, and special events, facilitated by qualified teachers that can understand the need of each of our members. We love to combine creative sound vibrations with meditative sequencing, a spirit of dynamic, and a dose of inspiration, philosophy and tips to help you deepen your practice. 

Meet the Team

  • Noelia Madiedo

    The visionary founder of Namo, is a true master of the gong and an expert in facilitating transformative sound journeys. With a deep understanding of the profound healing power of sound, Noelia creates sacred spaces where individuals can embark on inner journeys of self-discovery and restoration. Her expertise and passion for sound healing guide participants to a state of deep relaxation, profound clarity, and energetic balance.
  • Beatriz Carreño

    A gifted creative director and devoted yoga practicioner & facilitator. As a certified 500-hour yoga facilitator in Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa & Hatha Raja Yoga, Bea firmly believes in the life-changing benefits of yoga practice. Her deep commitment to helping others discover their true potential and find inner peace is evident in her inspiring classes. With a strong emphasis on creativity, and self-expression, she will guide you to cultivate a harmonious mind-body connection.