Sound Bath by Sonic Institute

Sound Bath by Sonic Institute

November 10th, 6-9:30pm
Guided by Sonic Institute

Experience the power of sound as a tool for mental, physical, and spiritual attunement. Aromatherapy, altars, sacred songs and instruments from around the world are used to facilitate a guided meditation through which participants can access deep states of consciousness, inner peace, and healing. Singing bowls, gongs, flutes, crystal instruments, drums, guitars, and a range of other tools are used throughout the journey. Vibrations and overtones produced by these powerful instruments can be felt throughout the body. Sound baths hold space for deep relaxation, emotional release, and setting intentions for the future. Yoga mats and blankets provided. 

The evening will also include an orientation to the vast world of sound healing and meditation to better integrate the experience.

This sound bath is part of a 20 hr Sound Healer Training taking place throughout the weekend, but can be attended on its own. If you would like to participate in the full retreat, please register here.

Facilitator Bios:

Adrian DiMatteo (B.M. Eastman School of Music, 2012) is the founder of the Sonic Institute. He is an international performing and recording artist, author, music educator, app creator and sound meditation facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in the music world. Adrian has traveled to over 40 countries — exploring sound, language, musical culture and how they affect individual and collective wellbeing. He is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino and a representative of Music That Heals, offering musical experiences to thousands of people people in hospitals, hospices, elder care facilities, and children’s centers.

Julieta is a certified and experienced yoga instructor, hypnotherapist and sound healer. A citizen of the world; she has lived in many cities including Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Miami and Los Angeles. This worldly intuitive free spirited woman combines her knowledge of the healing arts with her passion for music by uplifting the spirit with her unique voice and a variety of instruments from diverse cultures throughout the world. In her ceremonial music she combines intertribal spiritual chants, and Icaros from all over the world, while singing in different languages, and with a variety of instruments honoring and respecting all traditions, linages, and the medicinal plants.

When: Friday, November 10th, 6-9:30pm

Where: Namo Sanctuary, 250 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

Suggested Donation: $30-50 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

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