Sacred Womb Healing Circle

Sacred Womb Healing Circle

9/14 7:00pm - 9pm
Guided by Noelia Madiedo & Allegra Pruess
$95 Early Bird  | $111 Same Day Booking

We invite you to join us for an intimate evening under the new moon: In a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, you will be guided towards deeper levels of self-love and spiritual growth.

🌸 What to Expect 🌸

Activating Shakti Energy: Dance and move in rhythm to unlock the divine feminine energy within you.
Sacred Sexuality: Embrace the sacredness of your sexuality as a powerful aspect of your spiritual being.
Reflective Journaling: Put pen to paper in a guided session to explore your deepest emotions and desires.
Cacao Ceremony: Delve into a soul-nurturing cacao ceremony, an ancient ritual to open your heart chakra.
Self-Love Spell: Cast a potent spell that will resonate within you, amplifying your sense of self-love.

⚠️ Limited Spots Available ⚠️
RSVP to ensure your space for this intimate event.

Join us in this empowering journey, where you'll weave together the threads of ancient traditions and contemporary healing techniques


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