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NAMO Sanctuary



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3/8 - 3/10 | Guided by Adrian DiMatteo
Friday | 6pm - 9pm
Saturday | 10am - 8pm
Sunday | 10am - 6pm

Immerse yourself in the transformative world of sound healing with NAMO Sanctuary's comprehensive Sound Healer Training, guided by the experienced Adrian DiMatteo and Noelia Madiedo. This enriching 20-hour certificate training, spanning one evening and two full days, is a profound journey into the art and science of sound as a tool for holistic healing and meditation.

A Full-Spectrum Experience:
Our training offers a deep dive into the multifaceted practice of sound healing and guided meditation. Participants will engage in hands-on learning with a diverse array of instruments, understanding the profound impact of sound on mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The program encourages personal instrument use, supplemented by provided instruments, and features a curated selection for purchase.

Highlights of the Training:
- Creating the Space: Learn to create a nurturing environment for healing, covering aspects like the inner and outer space, the dynamics between facilitator and receiver, and incorporating elements like incense, altars, and nature sounds.
- Exploring Modalities: Delve into the various facets of sound therapy, from traditional and scientific approaches to intuitive practices and conducting ethical spiritual business.
- Sound and Silence: Unravel the cosmology and physics of sound, exploring concepts like healing frequencies and tuning systems.
- The Voice as an Instrument: Discover the power of the voice in sound healing, exploring vocal exercises, mantras, and the physiology of vocal expression.
- Instruments as Tools: Gain practical experience with a wide range of sound healing instruments and their applications in proximity to the body.
- Sound and Music Theory: Learn the language of music and its associations with healing, including dynamics, rhythm, and global music theory traditions.
- Principles of Harmony: Embrace principles of empathy, intuition, and balance in the practice of sound healing.

Participants who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of attendance, marking their journey and knowledge in the field of sound healing and guided meditation.

Join us for an opening sound bath on the first evening, followed by two full days of immersive training.

Embark on this journey with us at NAMO Sanctuary to deepen your understanding and practice of sound healing, enriching not only your own life but also those you will guide and heal through the power of sound and meditation.

Meet Adrian:
Adrian DiMatteo is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino. For over 20 years, he has studied and traveled the world — exploring sound, language, musical culture, and how they affect individual and collective wellbeing. With a holistic approach to science and consciousness, he offers a closer look at how sound itself can impact life.

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