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Sacred Sound Immersion: Gongs

Sacred Sound Immersion: Gongs

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| 9AM - 12PM
Guided by Noelia Madiedo

Whether you are new to playing The Gong or an experienced player, this workshop will offer a new perspective on how to work with this powerful sound current.

Learn a number of gong strokes and playing techniques that will deepen your understanding and experience with the gong. Novices will get a solid base of playing techniques and deep listening exercises to help enter into a state of meditation while playing. More experienced gone players will get an expanded vocabulary a sonic possibilities, subtleties and dynamics and producing various sounds, textures and tone qualities.

We will have a large selection of gongs to practice with during the workshop. Participants are welcome to bring their own gong(s) to practice with as well. No prior experience playing the gong is necessary.

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