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2/22 | 7PM - 9PM

Join us at NAMO Sanctuary for a special Full Moon Ceremony, perfectly aligned with the energy of this month's Virgo Full Moon and our focus planet, Mercury. Under the guidance of Noelia Madiedo, immerse yourself in a night of transformation and clarity.

Embracing Virgo's Precision and Mercury's Insight:
- Virgo's Influence: Experience the grounding and nurturing energy of the Virgo Full Moon, inspiring practicality, healing, and introspection. Virgo's earthy energy helps us to focus on self-improvement and personal growth.
- Mercury's Guidance: As the ruler of Virgo, Mercury enhances our communication, intellect, and analytical skills. This ceremony is a perfect time to align thoughts with actions and to articulate inner truths with clarity.

Ceremony Highlights:
- Guided Meditation: Led by Noelia, delve into a meditative journey that harmonizes the mind and body, drawing on Virgo's detail-oriented and Mercury's communicative energies.
- Sound Healing Session: Immerse in resonant soundscapes that resonate with Mercury's vibrational frequencies, aiding in mental clarity and focus.
- Intention Setting: Utilize the practical energy of Virgo to set meaningful intentions, creating a path for personal development and self-care.

This Full Moon Ceremony offers a unique opportunity to connect with the meticulous energy of Virgo and the insightful influence of Mercury. Come and experience a night of profound mindfulness and spiritual enrichment, setting the stage for personal development and inner peace.


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